Carl-von-Basedow-Klinikum Saalekreis gGmbH

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Carl-von-Basedow-Klinikum Saalekreis gGmbH
Carl-von-Basedow-Klinikum Saalekreis gGmbH
Weiße Mauer 52
06217 Merseburg
Germany / Saxony-Anhalt / Saalekreis
The Carl-von-Basedow-Klinikum is a modern hospital with a long tradition. It is located in the heart of central Germany, in the Halle-Leipzig conurbation, in the south of Saxony-Anhalt. It is a hospital providing specialised care with 626 beds and the only hospital in the Saale district. The economically strong, child-friendly district of Saalekreis acts as the sole shareholder of Carl-von-Basedow-Klinikum Saalekreis gGmbH.
University Hospital
Type of owner: public
Number of beds: 724
Full inpatient case numbers: 78
Specialist departments / services:
  • Emergency and intensive care medicine, anaesthesiology and pain therapy Internal medicine Surgical medicine Maternal, child and adolescent psychosocial medicine Medical care centre Cooperative education centre